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“Thanks to the person who was assigned to work on my UC personal essay for following my instructions and maintaining good communication during the whole project. The process was smooth and editor was very helpful. Thanks!”

Dacia, CA, USA

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What is a personal statement?

The personal statement is a spot on the application where a university asks you to make a statement about yourself. This is usually only a few sentences, but these words can change your life. The personal statement is in place because the majority of the college application asks you to provide all of the statistical information about yourself, but this does not tell a school who you are. The personal statement is your chance to show them that you belong on their campus, but if done incorrectly even a student with an excellent resume could have a tough time being accepted.

What are your personal statement writing services?

We offer personal statement writing services to help get you through the admission process, and our team of experts is here to get you a personal statement that will propel your education forward. Our writing services are comprehensive, and with a little help, we can get you the statement that changes your life. We ask you to provide information to us, such as resumes and basic background information about you so that we can write a statement that reflects who you are.

Can you help with editing and proofreading a completed statement!

If you have a finished personal statement that you would like the experts to look at, we would be glad to! Our writers are trained in editing, and they can apply their knowledge to your statement to help make it better. We may suggest changing a few words or we could suggest a new statement, but with the help of our experts, your application can get you to new places.

Are your writers experienced?

Yes, our writers have years of experience in personal statement writing services and university admissions, so they know what universities are looking for and they can put together a great statement for you.

Are your services affordable?

All of our personal statement writing services are priced for students, and that means that we do everything in our power to make sure that you can afford our services! We believe that all students should have access to personal statement writing services for the times when they can’t do it themselves, and with our cheap services, we make that happen.

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