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Jokes about Education Everyone Can Relate To

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Everyone needs education because it is a stepping-stone in achieving dreams in life. It also plays an essential role in the lives of the people. In case you may want to know a few more details about it as well as some stats and jokes about education, keep reading. If you’re a medial student, then take a look at what our medical school personal statement writing service can offer.

Some Statistical Facts about Education in USA

Here are some interesting facts about US education:

  • The education assessment is based on the graduation rate. In the year 2012, there was 69% of the graduation rate among black students. For Hispanic students, 73% graduation rate; Caucasian students 86%; and Asian students 86% graduation rate.
  • Thirty years ago, the country was the leader in quality and quantity of diplomas in high school. But as of now, the nation ranked only 36th around the world.
  • 1.3 million High School students do not graduate on time every year. States with the highest rates of between 80 and 89% are Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Vermont. The states with the lowest rate are New Mexico, S. Carolina, Georgia, Nevada, and Louisiana.
  • A third-grade student who always read compared to a third-grade student who does not is four times to be more likely to graduate at the age of 19.
  • Students living in poverty are about 13X more likely to graduate on time.

Importance of Education

Education in USA is far different from others. They have varying approaches used on students, but before discussing about it, you need to know the importance of education and here are why.

  • For a stable and happy life: If you want an enjoyable and happy life, then you need education. A great social reputation and job are only some of the numerous benefits of being educated. It can help you have a promising future as well as a stable life.
  • Equality: If a world is fair and just, a place where all have equal opportunities, education is needed. It is essential if you want to get rid of the differences between genders and social classes. The good thing is that it also plays a great major role for women empowerment.
  • Self-dependent: Education is essential especially if you want to become a self-dependent person. It is what you need to become independent financially. It can also help you make wiser decisions.
  • Money: An educated individual has a higher chance of landing a great and high paying job. The more educated you become, the greater career that you are more likely to have.
  • Turns dreams into reality: Do you want to build a business? Do you want to become rich? Do you want to be respected by other people? Then, the key is education. Having a degree will help in realizing you dreams.

Jokes about Education

Education is important because it is your weapon in achieving your dreams, to be financially stable and so much more. But aside from it, there are also education jokes to know.

  • jokes about education
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There you have some jokes about teachers, statistics about education in America and importance of education. Knowing all these will help you to realize that education plays a major role in life’s success because it is your stepping-stone for a higher salary, better future and a stable life in the future.

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