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Letter Of Recommendation Writing Principles

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One of the key parts of any application is a letter of recommendation. Depending on the institution you are applying to, you may be asked to write from one to several letters. There may also be specifications about who is supposed to be the author of your recommendation letter, so pay attention to the requirements first. According to our writers from Personal Statement Writing Service, even though you won’t write your letter of recommendation yourself, it is still necessary to know the basic writing principles which our service is going to share with you in this post.

Letter Of Recommendation Writing Tips

First of all, the recommendation letter you submit should be targeted to the program you are applying to and specific. Be it an undergraduate program or a PhD course, make sure you inform your writer about all the details. Moreover, according to writers from personalstatementwritingservice.com, a recommendation letter is supposed to be based on the specific information about you: your life history, qualifications and personal characteristics. For that reason, you ought to choose the person who knows you well to write your letter of recommendation.

Secondly, it should be precise and realistic. The opinion given in your recommendation letter should be based on a real experience with you in a certain life situation. Personal Statement Writing Service emphasize that it should be close to life and truthful. Exaggerated opinions won’t impress the admission committee that much, so it is important to keep the balance.

Finally, your letter of recommendation should be properly edited and formatted. Standard formal letter writing conventions should be used to write a recommendation letter. Surely, your writer will be accustomed with them; however, personalstatementwritingservice.com underlines that it is always good to check everything yourself once more or turn to a professional editing service for help.

Recommendation Letter Writing Assistance

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