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Personal Statement Example

A change of pace or path is never easy, but with a comprehensive and thoughtful map, I have always been game. My life and work strategy is to articulate clearly a working plan, to adjust appropriately as a plan unfolds, and to follow through, no matter what the circumstances or hindrances. This approach has served me well and made possible my achievements in athletics, academics, and professional work.

Although pushed toward the medical field, my heart has always been in law, and the timing is right for me to make the transition. I have already completed the stringent academic requirements for degrees in both Business Administration and Chemistry, and I see myself one day working where various disciplines intersect, knowing that a special skill set calls for a unique professional trajectory. Once I more fully develop my broad potential through additional academic coursework, I will be of great value in a variety of settings. My ideal professional target as an attorney is to practice Injury Law, something that attracts me on a personal level.

Truth be told, I am a competitor. That stems, naturally, from a background in high-level athletics, as well time spent as part of aggressive sales teams in the medical and mortgage industries. I see a quota, and I exceed it—that is the platform from which I work and play, and I want clients to benefit from that; additional training and focused academic study will position me as a great asset to those for whom I work. I am also an expert negotiator, which will no doubt serve me well in the courtroom, should I follow the path to practice litigation.

My experiences on the football field and in the operating room have taught me that most tensions can be remedied with more urgent, targeted, and comprehensive attention; thus, my habit is to get intense and to fast-track, which goes for working up a company ladder and to completion of personal goals. My tendency is to think broadly about pending issues, personal or professional, so that peripheral problems can be resolved along with whatever is the main focus. In a law career, this will translate to a client benefit, as working with me will mean more thorough and expedient results, and of course, it’s always best to quickly alleviate client distress.

I am a natural leader, and knowing that relationships between both peers and clients are the backbone of any business success, I seek fresh training to improve my communication and transmission skills. To that end, the opportunities for research and for applied study at XXX University – School of Law will shape my professional tactics. I look forward to a new network of colleagues with whom I can partner and whom I can support in finding solutions for group research and other assigned projects. Even once I finish law school, I will commit to studying and to always refreshing my understanding of law, codes, and trends in practice. My habit has always been to remain current on industry inclinations so that I could accurately analyze the market; this focus means I will deliver more accurately what any client requires.

To better prepare for my transition to law studies, I am currently training in a local firm to become a legal assistant, all while still holding my sales position and providing case support in orthopedic spine surgeries. I bring to the program at XXX University – School of Law my strong Midwestern values and a steady persistence to succeed and prosper.

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