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Writing a statement of purpose is not an easy task, but when you have a SoP example by your hand, statement of purpose writing becomes not so intimidating. Take a look at a statement of purpose sample crafted by our writers. We are sure that your SoP will be even better!

With more than 10 years of experience in industrial engineering, I have developed many skill sets and management disciplines that have benefitted my team and the company I work for. Since I began my undergraduate studies, I have been focused and committed to the field of engineering and have always desired to increase and improve my industry expertise. For the past 7 years, I have worked in the capacity of team supervisor or manager. As such, I have developed a solid foundation in business management strategies and wish to continue building on my skills and expertise in the Master’s of Science in Engineering (MSEM) program at Tutuila University.

Having completed my undergraduate degree in 2001, I have been in the engineering industry since then and have taken many continuing education and professional growth courses along the way. However, it has been over a decade since I have been in a classroom and learning environment on a regular basis, and I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my working knowledge to gain a different perspective about troubleshooting and problem solving from my classmates and professors. As a contributing member of everything I participate in, I will bring my team building skills, strong work ethic, determination, drive, and vision to the MSEM program. I look forward to the networking opportunities, as well as the chance to make new friends and professional connections within my industry and beyond.  

Upon completion of the MSEM program, I am confident that I will continue managing my team of highly trained and qualified engineers while working toward advancing in my standing within the company. Eventually, I look forward to heading up the department within my organization, and developing training to help up and coming engineers gain the knowledge necessary for success. Considering that the industrial engineering field is ever-changing and grows with technology, I realize that I will always be learning new things and implementing new ideas in a leadership role. Thus, I am confident that I will gain a wealth of knowledge through your MSEM program, and I look forward to growing both personally and professionally.

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